The Sydney Rides Challenge!

February 21, 2017

Do you hate the idea of a livable, healthy city that teems with green space and happy people?

Do you prefer to pay for things rather than get a freebie?

Do you have zero desire to ever travel to Croatia?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above, then perhaps the Sydney Rides Challenge isn’t for you. But if the idea of a fun, free and friendly riding competition with your colleagues (or possibly a cocktail on a Croatian beach – let’s be real) tickles your fancy, then this is right up your alley! Erm, we mean your cycleway!

The aim of the game is for you and your colleagues to ‘experience first-hand the joys and benefits of riding a bike.’ That means that you and you work mates will compete against other workplaces to see who can get the most staff members out on two wheels, for only 10 minutes or more. Speed and distance aren’t what’s important here, but rather encouraging the most people possible to have a crack at cycling, and stick to it. The flow on effect of more people commuting by bike is calmer, healthier, more livable cities  – surely that’s something we’d all like a piece of!

So if you’re keen to get involved in the whole ‘commute by bike’ thing but you’re unsure of where to start – here’s your chance! Likewise, if you’re a dedicated rider who truly believes that cycling’s the new black and you’re bursting at the seams to spread the word, then get yo’self registered! Lone wolves, fear not – you can register individually to take part as long as you live or work in the participating council areas. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even meet some new amigos to add to your wolf pack?

Oh, you must be curious about the Croatia part? Well, a ‘dream trip’ to Croatia is up for grabs, along with a bunch of other cool prizes ranging from bike gear to movie tickets.

Now that your interest is well and truly piqued, you better rally the troops and click the link below for all the deets! The only question remaining is why aren’t all cities getting onboard with events like this!?