Cycling Tips & Tricks

April 1, 2018

To make the commute easier for you our two wheeled friends we’ve compiled some great tips & tricks we’ve found along the way.

Plan your journey

Knowing where you’re going is always a good start. Ensure you have taken the time to plan our your route, we don’t want you to get lost now do we! This is as simple as checking directions on Google Maps, ensure your transport mode is set to bike. If you live is Sydney the City of Sydney has a gem for you, a tailored bike route complied by a professional (not just an automated response from a computer) check it out here.

Have the right gear

These are just a couple of important items of gear you CAN’T forget!

  1. Bell: an obvious one but hey you want to make sure you have yourself covered if you need to get yourself out of a sticky situation. Why not try the Oi Bike Bell.
  2. Light: super important for anyone riding first thing in the morning or after work at night. A white light is required on the front, check out the Urban 350 and a red light for the back like the Hotshot 50.
  3. Lock: keep your baby safe, sound and secure! Try the Evolution mini 7.


& don’t forget… maintenance!

  1. Tyres: have that pressure just right to accommodate a smooth ride. Road tyres typically need 80- 130 psi and mountain tyres need between 25- 35 psi. 
  2. Chains: those chains aren’t going to grease themselves!  Doing this every couple of weeks should keep you covered.
  3. Brakes: super important that your brakes are ready to rock. Local bicycle mechanics such as the Rolling Fix will be able to help you out.


Safety First

First and foremost make sure you know your road rules! Knowing who gives way to who & when you can turn across an intersection is imperative. Ensure you stay alert, avoid loud music in your headphones & check over your should continuously. 

The New York Times wrote a fantastic article ‘A beginner’s guide to biking to work’ and cover some simple steps like, ditching the sidewalk & using hand signals; check out the ‘be safe’ section for more of their tips.  British Cycling released a suite of videos on safe commuting, they are very insightful not to mention helpful! Check them out here.

Park in a good location

Check to see if your building has bicycle parking available. If not ensure you park in areas that have high passive surveillance, this will reduce the chance of anything  bad happening to your baby. Lastly always, ALWAYS lock your bike!