Do Good.

Manufacturing close to our hearts.

Timor Leste has a very limited manufacturing industry. So when one of our passionate team members put forward a suggestion about how we could help there, we didn’t just listen – we acted.

Partnering with the Nazareth Foundation since 2016, our key purpose is to employ locals – including orphans, widows and people with a disability – and to make them part of our manufacturing process.

By putting locals into permanent roles, we help grow their skills with tertiary training and trade courses. For us, this means providing aid of a different kind: the opportunity to up-skill a labour force with little to no experience, and in turn, raising incomes and employment standards across the country.

To date, we’ve helped 10 Timorese locals become hands-on bike rack engineers. We pay above-average wages, which enables them to support their families. The plan is to grow our team to 30.

We’re proud to be fostering the manufacturing industry in Timor, but even more so, we’re proud to be empowering the livelihoods of real people.