We design spaces that look breathtaking, feel effortless and work intuitively. Frankly, it’s what freedom demands.

Space Design.


We design facilities that work seamlessly for the riders in your life.

When it comes to your space, functionality must rule as if your riders had a hand in designing it. This is what creates an emotional connection: when they interact  with every element exactly as they’d dreamed.

For us, it’s never about the number of bike racks per se; rather the optimum number of racks that allows a space to function with absolute ease and harmony. It brings a compelling aesthetic to everything we do.


New design tools and features

Very soon, our entire product catalogue will be available in Revit format for architects and builders. We’re adding the file types to Our Products pages as we go, so keep your eyes peeled for more. We hope this will make design layouts a breeze as we continue to collaborate on more spatial design projects together.

Operational Design.


We keep your end-of-ride rolling smoothly by helping you plan for it.

Anyone can give you a plan. We genuinely care about what that plan represents when it comes to life − both for you and for the everyday heroes committed to making the ride.

To make your end-of-ride the ultimate launching pad for a happy commute, we design operational plans for your dream service delivery.

We consider all the details others don’t, like towels, bike servicing, dry cleaning and personal care products. Plus we manage your access, lockers, even reporting. So that every Five At Heart rider can transform into refreshed office worker by design.

Feasibility Studies

Capacity Modeling


Design Evaluation

Schematic Planning

Specification Recommendations

Operational Planning