Cycle Heart Rating.

Want to discover how your current facility or future facility designs measure up against global industry standards? Our Cycle Heart Rating tool helps you do just that. Whether it’s an existing facility or one you’ve got in design, getting a Cycle Heart Rating not only helps you get the best-end-of-trip facility in the market, it also tells the world yours is best-in-practice.

How it works

Getting a Cycle Heart Rating is simple. All it takes for you is to organise site access and/or sharing the facility’s design plan with a Five At Heart representative. We will then grade your facility on safety, security and overall usability by answering 70 carefully crafted questions. Easy as pie.

Our assessment covers:

  • Access & Traffic Flow 
  • The Bike Room
  • The Change Room
  • Communication & Promotions
  • And all the extras that take your facility to the next level, like shoe shiners or complimentary gym equipment. 

After the assessment, you will:

  • Receive a (pass or fail) certification along with a report card outlining the scoring and points for improvement.
  • If certified, receive a rating certification mark for you to use in your marketing materials.
  • If certified, be listed on our website as a Cycle Heart certified building. 

Interested in getting your facility a Cycle Heart Rating? Click here to schedule a consultation to see how your current facility or future designs measure up.

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