How to Choose The Best Lockers For Your Tenants: Design And User Experience

The first step in any new project is to envision the end result. What kind of feelings are your tenants experiencing when they step into your new bike parking and change room facility? Who are the users of your facility? What are their needs? And how can we exceed those needs in order to provide a facility that users not only utilise but love? 

At Five at Heart, we use data, insights, and research from years of experience to get to the core of these questions, and one theme consistently arises: lockers. People love lockers. That is, again and again, research suggests that locker style and size are some of the biggest drivers of amenity and are consistently front-of-mind with our users. 

Who are our users? Generally, they are two types of people: the occasional rider or runner and the serious rider or runner. We therefore break down locker design into two major categories specifically designed to meet the needs of these two groups.  

1. Daily Lockers

Daily lockers are designed for the occasional rider or runner who needs to store a day’s worth of clothing plus a small toiletries bag. This type of facility is perfect for those who don’t mind riding to work with their business attire in their backpack and changing once they’ve arrived at the office. If this is what you are going for, consider using lockers with a hanging width of 150 to 200mm. The most common of these is the Step Locker (aka L- and Z-shaped lockers).

Step Locker

2. Weekly Lockers

Weekly lockers, on the other hand, are better suited to the serious rider or runner who prefers a more permanent supply of clothes at work. These people use the facility most days and often utilise on-site laundry services, allowing them to change into freshly laundered business attire once they’ve arrived at the facility. To meet these needs you need to have at least a 300mm hanging width. Consider our Pandora, Maximus and Executive locker ranges if it’s important to you that your tenants feel fresh and rejuvenated after their ride. 

Pandora Locker

The final thing we always try to remind people is that the space requirements and cost of both the daily and weekly styles of locker are directly comparable. We therefore often recommend implementing the weekly range, as weekly lockers will always work for an occasional rider, whereas daily lockers rarely work for a serious rider. 

Another added benefit of implementing the weekly range is that more ample lockers encourage the use of active transport and may even turn your occasional riders into serious riders, giving you happier, healthier employees with change room facilities they love. 

Curious to learn more about the lockers we offer or need some advise on a project you have in scope? Feel free to get in touch!