Although a good old fashioned drip-dry never hurt anyone, we can’t help but think that most tenants might prefer the conventional option of a clean fluffy white towel.

The biggest question is how do you know when it’s the right time to add this service to your facilities and can you afford it?

Whether your change room is a sea of towels with questionable smells or you are simply worried you might lose tenants because there are better facilities on offer elsewhere, we have some neat advice to impart to help you make the decision.

Size matters… class does not!

As a rule of thumb, we recommend that a building over the size of 150,000 SQFT/15,000 SQM implement a towel service
. With this size building it is likely you’ll have a large number of active tenants that are using the shower facilities and need to towel off.

A common belief we hear regarding towel services is that they are essential for premium class buildings only. This really is not the case. The reality is that majority of tenants now expect more ‘soft’ services like towel amenities to be standard rather than a nice-to-have, as they are looking for facilities that support a lifestyle rather than just a location for people to work.

Who stole my towel?

One of the biggest concerns for those considering a towel service is theft. Yes, this is a thing, although we prefer to think of it as towel misplacement rather than people actually deliberately stealing the towels! What’s not commonly known is that this can be very easily managed through appropriate account management and asset tracking tools. The key is regular reporting and communicating to users when there’s been a significant loss, as many facilities will self-police if they believe there’s a risk the privilege will be lost.

Does it cost the Earth?

The other concern is that the towel service isn’t a sustainable or environmentally friendly offering. Although this is a valid concern, there are suppliers that do source and deliver to highly sustainable levels.

There is also the counter argument that a towel service promotes for more people to be active and commute to work, therefore reducing carbon emissions and creating a net positive sustainable outcome.

The space trade off

The reality is if you don’t offer a towel service you need to provide space for users to store their own towels (remember that sea of smelly towels we mentioned earlier…)

The space you might save for other building facilities or amenity by implementing a towel service is a worthwhile trade-off.

What’s the cost and how is it usually funded?

The cost of the supply of a towel rental service is on average 7 pence per SQFT of Net Internal Area for a fully tenanted building and generally the service is best managed within the buildings service outgoings.

Service contracts generally run for a year, aligning with the buildings service budget and if you find the service isn’t working for you, you can always throw in the towel.

Contact us and we can discuss your specific building requirements and answer any further questions you might have.

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