Change The World

Whether it’s supporting local cycling initiatives, or teaching manufacturing skills in Timor Leste, we pride ourselves on creating a healthier, happier world for all.

In 2016, Five At Heart partnered with the Nazareth Foundation in Timor Leste to help up-skill the local labour force, raise income and employment standards, and empower the lives of those who need it most.

Let’s Roll

Let’s Roll is Five At Heart’s free cycling encouragement platform for buildings with our towel service. With this platform, we are create events and incentives to encourage people to have fun riding again.

Better Planning Codes

Most modern cities require new office buildings to provide some form of bicycle parking and change room facility as part of the planning process.

The intent of these requirements is to encourage cycling as it is seen as a positive activity for improving community health, dealing with demand increases for transport infrastructure and also reducing transport-related pollution.

What We Do
What We Do

Cycling Works Australia

CyclingWorks Australia is a business led movement supporting government plans to implement infrastructure for active transport. We are leaders and major employers who care about our city’s future.

Mrs O’Leary’s Competition

Design a bike space and win a trip for 2 to Chicago!

Being one of the best bike cities of the country, Chicago is known for low-stress bike lanes and some of the best end-of-trip facilities. Have you ever dreamed of cruising along its iconic skyline? Now is your chance! Join the Mrs O’Leary Cow Competition and win a trip to this famous architectural city. 

What We Do