Around the world, around the world. Not just the catchy name of a Daft Punk song circa 1997, it’s also the (very broad) focus of our round up of the best spots to stop with your bike for a caffeine fix. No matter what your style, there’s nothing more suited to bike riders, or humanity in general, than coffee. Here’s a few of our global picks!

  1. Seven Seeds in Carlton – Melbourne, Australia

In a city like Melbourne, café’s outnumber people 5:1 (note: made up statistic) and this saturation of high quality coffee on every corner can induce FOMO and indecision. We’re going to save you from these first-world problems and suggest you make tracks for Seven Seeds in Carlton. As serious about the coffee game as they come, these guys do coffee cuppings every Friday (a practise used by coffee buyers and roasters to taste and score coffees side by side), so they know their way around an espresso machine. The bike-friendly part is that they have indoor bike parking. Come for the latte’s and bike security peace of mind, stay for the avo smash. Could you be any more Melbourne right now?

  1. Peddler’s Creamery – Los Angeles, USA

Is it about time you start taking advice from a 90’s girl band (whoa, inadvertent 90’s music theme!) and spice up your life? With Mexican chocolate ice cream, we mean. ‘But what about my #summerbod,’ you ask? The solution is simple. Head to Peddler’s Creamery, pedal for 15-20 minutes at 15mph (25km/h), and be rewarded with a free scoop of the ice cream batch you just made. Yep, these guys churn all their delicious ice cream, including vegan and non-vegan options, with pedal power. If you want to be in and around that, all you need to do is call and book yo’self a spot. They also donate 5% of profits to social and environmental causes, thus combining a social conscience with a tasty treat and a spot of exercise to satisfy the last side of the feel-good triangle. If you’re less about the bike, more about the goods, you can just buy some like a regular punter or stick with a coffee, which they also do.

  1. Upcycle Milano Bike Café – Milan, Italy

Every so often you find yourself kicking around in Milan with some time to spare amiright?! If that’s actually a reality for you, head to this converted former garage/current café/music and art venue/wearer of many hats. This bike café came about through a vision of a better city that the owners believed could only be achieved via bicycle and the notion of shared time – our kinda peeps! The focus is on creating a gathering place as opposed to somewhere that you need to buy something in order to stay. This is great news for your wallet but not so much for your Facebook friend count – it’s time to interact with some real-life folk at your long, communal table or through one of the many events hosted here. Some are bike-related, like workshops and screenings of events but others, like art shows and live music, are for everyone.

  1. Blackbird Coffee & Vintage – Utrecht, The Netherlands

Technically, we could suggest any great café in the Netherlands and it would be an awesome bike café because cycling and the Netherlands go together like, well, Dutch people and bikes. But then we heard about a guy who decided to combine two of his loves, quality coffee and vintage errythang. Pop in for an expertly prepared Guatemalan single origin slow drip coffee, and roll out on your new-but-not-really-new-because-it’s-vintage set of wheels! Head to the basement room and take your pick from the vintage bikes hiding down there, all for sale. Did we mention that according to BBC Travel, Utrecht is the fourth happiest place in the world and that stroopwafels are Dutch? Let’s go!

  1. La Puerta Falsa – Bogota, Colombia

For a change of pace, let’s move away from coffee and head towards hot chocolate. And cheese. Combined. But first things first. Thanks to a couple of forward-thinking mayors, Bogota now has the best bike infrastructure in Latin America. The city has around 350km of bike paths and every Sunday morning, over 120km of highways and main streets are closed to traffic from 7-2pm so that bikes can take over. As many as two million people can be seen riding, jogging and rollerblading through the streets of the city, including through the historic La Candelaria district. Make yourself one of these people, park up at Plaza de Bolivar and head to Bogota’s most famous snack shop for a break. This is where you can sample the chocolate completo we mentioned – hot chocolate with cheese, buttered bread and a biscuit – with the idea that you dip the cheese and as you drink, find gooey little chunks of melted cheese lurking within your chocolate. Yum!

Do you know of any other stellar bike café’s? We’d love to hear about ‘em!