‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year,’ sang Andy Williams. We can only assume that Santa had his finger on the pulse that year, much like we have ours on the pulse this year. Last minute, you understand, but we’ve done all the thinking and that’s the important part, right? Read on for our roundup so that when your bike enthusiast tears the wrapping paper off come Christmas morning, their smile will be much like your Christmas tree at night – bright and lit!

  1. A bicycle

Ok yes it seems obvious. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about the $10K light-as-a-feather, quick-as-the-speed-of-light variety (unless you can actually afford that, well done you)! Everyone likes a nice, shiny commuter – from second-hand (vintage and recycled – so hot right now) to a new yet modestly priced steed, there’s something for everyone. Even better if you have kids, this will get ‘em outta the house and outta your hair. Plus, it’s basically the gift of freedom and that belongs on a Mastercard ad (geddit, priceless)!?



  1. A cool helmet

Helmets are, by nature, not cool. Fact. That said, most of us have accepted helmets as a necessary part of our riding uniform just as we’ve accepted that ain’t nobody look good wearing them. Or do they? A few companies have clued onto the age-old ‘how to be fashionable whilst commuting by bike in case I run into a cute hipster along the way’ dilemma, and happily, there are some solutions. Fancy yourself as a real-life Lego character? MOEF clearly do, thus they’ve designed a helmet that mimic the proportions and appearance of actual Lego hair. Sound cool? It totally is – check it out here http://www.designboom.com/design/lego-hair-bike-helmet-moef-10-14-2016/. Maybe you like to kick it old school, vintage-stylez? Yakkay allow you to design your own helmet with a range of finishes including the Milano, a denim cover modelled off of an old school Italian cycling cap. Fantastico! http://www.yakkay.com/. For the chic lady in your life, perhaps consider something from Sawako Furuno, including a glitter or leopoard print number– sah cute! http://www.sawakofuruno.com/single-post/2016/12/14/Super-stylish-Christmas-gifts-from-Sawako


  1. Bike lights

Safety is serious biz, but it doesn’t have to look like it! Kinda like your super fun friend who still has a good, solid head on their shoulders, Monkeylights are the bike light version of this perfect combination. High performance bike lights that strap onto your spokes, they create colourful, brilliant patterns as your wheels turn, and there are heaps of different options, too. Why hit the club when you can bring the club to you, minus the entrance fee and drink queue. https://www.monkeylectric.com/gallery/


  1. The right jeans

At Five At Heart we’re big fans of cycling in every day gear. Some of us are strictly commuters and therefore don’t own lycra, but we’ll ride in suits, dresses, heels – you name it! However, cycling to work in too-tight skinny jeans that cry little denim tears at every pedal turn is nobody’s idea of fun. Enter the new and practical jeans, designed specially for cycling in. Jeans that still look the biz, provide flexibility and comfort and also tick the added safety box with reflective-when-rolled-up cuffs? What’s not to love? There are heaps of companies aboard this bandwagon so plug into the google machine to find your best option. Or, just click this link – https://momentummag.com/best-cycling-jeans-fall/


  1. A Transformer – picnic in disguise

What is the single most suited activity to riding a bicycle in the history of the wheel? A picnic, of course! Riding to a park to have a picnic is surely one of life’s great and simple joys, but if you feel like pimping the humble picnic, look no further than Springtime. Still in concept phase, this is a Dutch design (obvs). What looks like a normal, nicely designed picnic basket transforms itself into an entire picnic table/chair set, because you can’t expect your date to sit in the wet grass. The best part is that it sits neatly atop your bike rack. But alas, for now you can ogle the colour combinations and day-dream about the outings you’ll take it on – http://www.brit.co/springtime/