We’re all pretty time poor these days. Present company included. Living within the popular system of work then home and vice versa for most of week only leaves one time you’re in a world with little control of the destination. Ah ha! There is the key. A golden opportunity on the commute into work on the train, in the car or on your bike (could be dangerous ;)). Podcasts. These have changed my daily commute. I learn about thinks I’m interested in, sugar intake, how to make moonshine, Bruce Springsteen sings the alphabet, you know, all the essential things. Seriously though there is much to learn out there and we at Five At Heart would love to take you there with our best picks. This EDM we cover one of the best. Want to learn about how Dictators work? How feeding a baby works? Whats the deal with Horoscopes? Stuff you should know. Get on it.