While there are oh-so many to choose from, we couldn’t go past these classics. Let us know if you think we’ve over-looked a strong contender, but for now, fire up youtube and get a-watching!

  1. E.T.

Aw man – this one gives you all the feels. Possibly the most epic bike scene in the history of cinematography. Young Elliot and his mates race against time, the law and NASA to return E.T, who’s shrouded in a sheet and perched in Elliot’s basket, to the spaceship so that he may ‘return home.’ E.T. uses his handy powers of telekinesis to lift all the boys and their bicycles skywards, ensuring his safe arrival to the spaceship. Here he must bid a tearful farewell (for the audience, too) to Elliot. Oh sorry, spoiler alert! Watch the trailer here.

  1. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

We’ll take our Wild West with a side of bicycle too, please! Especially when that bicycle is ridden by a young Paul Newman. In his role as the outlaw Butch Cassidy, Newman clowns around on his humble bicycle while trying to impress his lady friend, to the tune of ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.’ The aforementioned lady friend seems rather impressed by the spectacle, showing the appropriate concern when Newman stacks it through a fence, startling/enraging a random bull. They make a timely getaway from the chasing bull as Newman, ever the gentleman, ‘dinks’ his lady on the handlebars. Watch the trailer here.

  1. Quicksilver

Not just the brand of your boardshorts, Quicksilver is also the film that gave us a pretty rad bike dancing scene. Kevin Bacon’s character discovers the freedom of a bicycle during his job as a bicycle messenger and consequently stumbles across a bunch of dudes doing some really cool things on their bikes. Let’s not mess about, these tricks are just plain impressive, bike break dancing, if you will. It earns a spot for bringing the coo’ factor…Watch the trailer here.

  1. Napoleon Dynamite

Because it’s hilarious and don’t even pretend that ain’t the truth! Also don’t pretend you’ve never busted out the ol’ “ever take it off any sweet jumps?” line while doing something totally non-hardcore on your treadlie. Actually while you’re at it, why not watch this entire film if you haven’t yet (for shame). There’s plenty more one-liners where that came from, for example “Napoleon, don’t be jealous ’cause I’ve been chatting online with babes all day.” Real-life LOLZ. Watch the trailer here.

  1. BMX Bandits

Sometimes in life, you just have to take your bike down a waterslide with you in order to evade the baddies. It’s a thing. We’re all for supporting Aussie industry, and this film is no exception! The only thing that would have made this cooler, much gnarlier and waaay more dangerous would have been if they rode their bikes down the slides instead of, well, sliding them. Watch the trailer here.