Europe in the summertime. Days as sunny as your disposition and weekends spent flitting throughout Europe. Perhaps you fancy a cocktail and some tapas over-looking a lively, beach-y playground somewhere in Spain. Or maybe fresh seafood and ridiculous sunsets amongst a blue and white, Greek Island backdrop are more your thing? But alas, summertime will end, you’ll return to work and all those shorts and t-shirts will be safely tucked away for another year. Dust will be shaken from the layers of cold-weather attire and downcast faces will bid a bitter farewell to the sun.


This is all hitting home a little more for Five At Heart as our first trooper, Europe CEO Justin and his family have recently relocated to London to wave the Five At Heart flag abroad. Now what kind of colleagues would we be if we didn’t try to reassure them that it’s not all over now for another year? London, being quite aware of it’s colder months, is all geared up with festivities and fun for the Autumn months, and here are a few of the things to get amongst.


  1. Festivals


Design nerds rejoice! The London Design Festival runs from September 17-25, with various locations throughout London and a range of talks and workshops on all things, you guessed it, design. For the uber design nerds, the first London Design Biennale kicked off on the 7th September at Somerset House. The topic is ‘Utopia by Design’ and features entries from all over the world. Dare us to say ‘design’ one more time?


The London Literature Festival is on like Donkey Kong in October at the Southbank Centre. You can be schooled on anything from Bowie to Iraqi Sci-Fi – yes, happily, that’s a thing! The only possible conclusion we can draw from this is that there’s something for everyone!


  1. The Twit’s Dinner Party


Don’t even pretend that the idea of dining with Mr & Mrs Twit (yes, those very Twits of Roald Dahl infamy) in their windowless house and ghastly garden doesn’t send your inner-child into a tizzy. For the month of September, you have the chance to try such ‘delicacies’ as worm spaghetti and Mr Twit’s bird pie, in ‘a gloriously gruesome and immersive’ dining experience created by Bompas & Parr, Creature of London and Les Enfants Terribles Theatre Company. Oh, and don’t be surprised to see Mrs Twit’s unblinking glass eye staring back out at you as you drain your cocktail…


  1. London Parks


If there’s one thing London does well (and actually, there are numerous things London does well), it’s the parks. Scattered throughout the city, these glorious, green slices of nature amongst the urban sprawl come to life in Autumn. Think crunchy leaves strewn across pathways, a gradient of orange and brown just waiting for you to roll your bike tyre over. Hit up Hyde Park (how could we not bring in the big guns!?) in the later months for a spot of ice skating. Head to Richmond Park and you might even see two male deer creating an antler-clashing spectacle in a bid to woo their mutually chosen doe. Quite frankly, an autumnal park with wild deer roaming freely sounds like an Impressionist’s painting that we’d like to be a part of!


Not quite convinced that there’s still fun to be had long after the summer days have exited through the gift store? Perhaps you can just take comfort in the knowledge that London has a wide and wondrous assortment of pubs with roaring fireplaces that are just begging you to settle in for the long-haul, mulled beverage of choice in hand. Cheers to that!


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