Here’s something close to home for us at Five At Heart, and particularly for our compadres in the US office. The City of Portland, its Bureau of Transportation and the iconic sporting brand Nike have joined forces to roll out (many puns intended) a brand spankin’ new bike share program for the city!

When Five At Heart expanded into the US early last year, Portland, Oregon, seemed like the logical place to kick things off. A couple of recon missions by Mark, Justin & Rich (the topdogs) confirmed that Portland was indeed at the centre of hipster bike culture in the US (…apparently it’s also a pretty decent spot for a craft beer…just sayin’). Since then, we have worked on a couple of projects for Nike in Portland, so naturally were pretty dang excited to hear about a collaboration that would bring a new bike share program to the city at the front of the cycling revolution.

The great thing about this program is that it totally supports Nike’s belief that ‘if you have a body, you are an athlete.’ Not to sound all soap-boxy, but at Five At Heart we passionately believe in bikes being for everyone and for everyday tasks, no lycra necessary (unless it’s your thing).

The people of Portland are key to the specifics of this project. After all, they’re the ones riding to the Saturday markets, chillin’ like villains in the parks, carting their supplies to & from art school and whetting their whistles with top quality coffee, whisky, vodka, gin & obvs the aforementioned beer. So it makes sense that they were involved in the process of bike station locations via an interactive online map and a series of open houses, to make sure those jazzy, trademark orange bikes & shoe-box branded baskets will never sit idle and unloved on their rainy streets.

The program is set to start in July and until then we eagerly await a live update from our man on the ground, Rich, who will no doubt be out celebrating the return of Summer on a brand new set of Nike wheels. Stay tuned for more!

Click the links below for more info on Biketown – Portland’s new bike share program.