Every great product needs a great product launch. And since we had not one but six (!) great products to launch, we decided to throw a little party. Or two actually. Because this time we doubled the fun and, in addition to our annual event in Sydney, had an extra celebration in London where we also launched a few extra products that are new to this market. Products that all redefine flexibility, accessibility and user experience in bike and change rooms.

But there was more. During the 2019 Five At Heart Product Launch, we announced the winner and runner-up of the 2019 Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow Competition and officially launched the CyclingWorks Australia initiative. Yes, we really took things to a whole new level. Missed out on one of the events? No biggie. Let us introduce you to the next generation of products that will change how the world moves (and don’t forget to check out the other initiatives)!


A beautiful feature piece for what is usually underutilised space. The Halo has been designed to brighten up any room, parks two bikes and is available in gleaming copper. It really ties the room together.



Contrary to the name, this industry-leading box locker will solve all your problems. With an updated base design, our patented Pandora locker – including separate shoe storage – cleverly recesses into its flexible base, maintaining hanging height while keeping a total unit height of 2100mm, which means it fits into almost any space.

Pandora 2

Accessible Locker.

Lockers should be easy to use for everyone. With smoothly sliding doors and a high recessed base, our Accessible Locker looks the part and delivers a seamless user experience for mobility-impaired people.

Accessible Locker

Wishbone System.

With precise set-out techniques and dynamic, recessed fixings, our Wishbone allows you to easily transform underutilised bike rooms into flexible exercise spaces (and vice versa). You can even easily secure gym equipment to the bike rack holes without the help of a tradie on site. Simply store the old bike racks until the sun comes out again, or we guarantee to buy them back.

Charge-O Shine-O.

Charge while you shine, or shine while you charge. We merged two products with complementary functionality – a shoe shiner and a phone charger – into one, putting an end to wasted space. A combination of added utility and luxury.

Charge-O Shine-O

Easy Rider.

You might not be smuggling the same gear as Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be just as carefree. That is why we created the Easy Rider (for pushbikes, not motorbikes). Specifically designed for the bike room, it perfectly fits shoes, bags and helmets. Leave your devices and bike lights charging on the handy GPO while you enjoy your day.

Easy Rider

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