Moving Beyond Box Ticking & Utilitarian Spaces

The world’s smartest building owners and developers understand they aren’t in the concrete and glass business; they are in the business of attracting top talent to the spaces they create. Because that’s what great companies run on, great people.

Two Beautiful vanities by Gray Puksand Architects at (above) 420 George Street Sydney
(next) 101 Collins Street Melbourne

Once you understand this fundamental idea, it is not long before you stop counting items on plans like the businessman in The Little Prince, and start focusing on user experience. Compliance is easy, it focuses on the bare minimum, the lowest common denominator. No business is looking for that level of productivity.

A better question than how many bikes does this plan fit is how will the space make the users feel when they are in it? How does one move through the space? Is it a pleasure to be in? Whereas quantity measures simple metrics like capacity, quality measures something ultimately more important user experience.

In essence, user-experience means understanding that bike parking and change rooms are not simply for the storage of bikes and clothes, but easy and relatively inexpensive ways to illustrate to tenants that you have their best interests at heart. 

The following features projects that have nailed this thinking and we’ve aptly organized them around the senses, because that’s how we experience the world after all. If you’re looking for help on benchmarking quality, check out our Cycle Heart Rating tool, or our article on the Australian Bike Parking Standards (AS 2890.3).

16 Chestnut Place
AMP’s new arrival space at 255 George Street Sydney


Nothing quite makes an impression like that which lingers. Buildings are opting to offer premium soaps for tenants to add an extra element of luxury and je ne sais quoi.


Natural materials like marble, stone, leather, and wood offer a more inviting space, especially when used with proper lighting.


Natural light brings life to any room, opens up small spaces, and offers an inviting disposition. The next best thing is well designed and thoughtful lighting that really ties a room together.


Ambient noise, music, or good ol’ silence, sound creates experience. Inviting, energizing, relaxing; sound should not be overlooked.

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