A foldable paper helmet. Makes sense right? Cheap to buy, easy to use and by all means safe. Sounds too good to be true but designer Isis Shiffer has created just that. She just pulled off the holy grail of design awards in winning the International Dyson Design Award. Yup that’s USD $45,000 plus another $7500 for her university. Everyone’s a winner!

Using honeycomb paper samples, Shiffer tested til the cows came home in the university lab just based on a hunch eventually settling on a waterproofed coated paper honey comb sample that fit the bill. Strong, light and adjusts to any size head.

If that’s not enough, the whole thing is 100% biodegradable (including that coating) and less than $5 to make. What’s the catch? There has to be a catch right? Well only one (as helmet manufacturers rejoice all over the world).

The helmet is a solution for a temporary commuter. Someone who uses the bike share systems around the world. It’s only designed to last for a few infrequent rides and will have a visible strip that will wear away when it’s time to throw away. As it is made of paper, it will only last at a safety strength for 3 hours in the rain.

That won’t put me off and neither the city of New York no less. The big apple will be hosting a pilot program this American spring and boy we hope it works out. At the end of the day we want more people riding bikes and this my friends is one super highway to that nirvana.

Check out the video from the Dyson foundation below.