The growth in cycling and subsequent expansion in bicycle parking and change room facilities is leading a number of organisations to study the space. Here are a couple of international studies and organisations keen to define best practise. 

Down Town, Down Under (Sydney)

The University of Technology Sydney with support from the City of Sydney has launched a best practice study into what commercial buildings in Sydney’s CBD are doing to accommodate our two wheeled friends. The study will use a combination of quantitative (swipe card data & facility audits) and qualitative (tenant surveys) data to establish what is and is not working. Many people will have already heard from the team but if you haven’t and are keen to get involved reach out to and we will point you in the right direction. Watch this space as we will be publishing the results as soon as they drop.

About that time chaps (Sunny London)

Neil Webster, a passionate cyclist friend of ours and his team at Remit Consulting have been commissioned by the British Council for Offices to conduct research on cycling and the workplace. In addition to looking at the style of facilities buildings are providing, the study will also consider what cities are doing to influence the improvement of cycling facilities within office buildings. They would appreciate it if you could spare a small amount of your time (5-10 mins) to complete the survey via the link

Live From Outer Space (or at least Seattle’s space needle)

Did you know that Seattle’s gigantic space needle is actually pretty small? As with most things, it’s all a matter of perspective…don’t believe us? Check it out at spaceneedle.comOn top of being home to a big hoax, Seattle is also the home to our friends at Luum – a group of creative, innovative thinkers who developed mobility data driven software to help employers understand and influence commute behaviour. We like their focus on cycling and how they help employers track how their people get to work and to incentivise them to ride.