Hey you! Yes, you – listen up! There’s something totes exciting going down in San Francisco, and it goes by the name of Salesforce Tower! Designed by the same clever cats responsible for the World Financial Center in New York and the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, Pelli Clarke Pelli have put special emphasis on creating an employee-centric building so it’s inhabitants can be healthier and happier at work. We’d all like a slice of that amiright?! So, how’d they do it? By focusing on the human element and how it translates into the built environment.

Imagine arriving to work each day through a grove of redwoods via a 5.4 acre City Park, storing your bike in the shiny, new (incredibly well-designed, ha!) new bike storage, before hitting the showers then heading up to your office. Here, you’ll sit in full daylight, thanks to the 13 foot (3960mm) high ceilings bordered by 10 foot (3050mm) high clear, continuous glass, and breath crispy, fresh air due to the outside air intakes. This had us sitting up straight and taking notice – we can all relate to the feeling of being trapped inside an office during the daylight hours, so this connection to the outside world is uber important.

When that fuzzy, pre-coffee cloud starts to descend, grab your morning brew from any of the numerous cafes nearby, or walk to your favourite restaurants downtown for lunch – in fact, almost everything is within walking distance. If you’re in need of a nature fix, head back to the park you arrived in. With over a dozen entry points, the park also includes an amphitheater, cafes and playgrounds as well as plenty of open space for relaxing.

Because of it’s central location, you can easily soak up all that SF (we’re locals yo) has to offer when you’ve finished work for the day. If there’s no place like home (read: you’re halfway through a new Netflix series), make a speedy getaway via The Transbay Transit Center, the brand spankin’ new, five storey transit station beneath the tower (the park is actually it’s rooftop). Intended to be the ‘Grand Central Station of the West,’ it’ll connect eight Bay Area counties and the State of California through 11 transit systems. But maybe that won’t be of much use to you, commuting by bike is the new black don’t ya know!?

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