Who doesn’t like a good count down! Here are our best suggestions if you’re looking for simple things to make your tenants feel loved. Let us know if you need help rolling it out. 😉 

5) Super fancy soap and delicious hand cream 

Kicking off the countdown at number 5 is something so simple, yet so cool. Just give them nice soap. Even Chuck Norris is into nice soap, it’s wonderful! All you need is some nice soap dispensers and delectable hand creams to get involved. We recommend you check out Aesop’s delightful range here. If you’re in Australia, try using  ‘Thank You Soap’ because supporting social enterprise is marvellous. 

4) Simple way finding graphics

The majority of facilities inside buildings are a complete maze, especially for new riders (our favourite type of rider). So why not give them a map for the maze. Take them from the bike room, through the change room then up the lift and into the office. 

3) Bicycle Maintenance Station

 A true cyclist has no greater love than to be tinkering with their bike set up. Bike Maintenance stations are for the hare and tortoise alike. Seriously, people love them that much we have almost been hugged for retrofitting them into projects. Get amongst the hype!

2) More Lockers…

The demand for lockers is so strong, we are not sure if it’s possible to oversupply them. You’ve started managing tenant demand with digital access (keypads and swipe cards), have dabbled in locker management via building portals, and you still have a wait list. Who you gonna call? 

1) Fresh Towels

Taking out the top honour… start a towel service! It’s that easy. When it comes to love, fresh towels are second by a wafer thin margin to hugs. Even Juan Mann who started the free hugs campaign doesn’t have enough time for all those hugs. So go on, and give your tenants a hug in the form of a fresh fluffy towel instead! 

Helpful hint!

In the words of Dr Strangelove “Why didn’t you tell the world eeh?!” (rather topical at the moment), make sure you shout it to your tenants from the tree tops…or more specifically from your website, building portal and building comms.